The application portal is now available.

Begin your application by visiting the application portal at

Application Deadline

The deadline for Ross applications is March 31. Applications submitted after that date might not receive full consideration.

The Ross Admissions Committee will start reading applications on April 1. Acceptance decisions will be emailed later that month.

Financial Information

The fee to attend the 2023 Ross/Asia Program is $6000. That fee covers all room and board costs and all instructional expenses.


The Ross Program endeavors to provide enough financial support to enable every accepted student to attend. If you have been accepted to the Ross Program and need financial assistance in order to join us, please ask your parent or guardian to contact us at We will reply with details on how to apply for scholarship support.

Commitment to Nondiscrimination

The Ross Program does not discriminate on the basis of gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, race, creed, color, ethnic origin, disability, or marital status in its admissions, educational programming, financial aid, employment practices, or other activities.


招生对象:        对数学、科学感兴趣且具备一定英文基础的国内及国际15-18岁学生。(美国训练营组织方统一选拔)。

2023年美国营时间 : 6月11日至7月21日 & 6月18日至7月28日,六周

2023年亚洲营时间 : 7月9日至8月11日,五周

2023年美国营地点 : 俄亥俄州奥特本大学 & 印第安纳州罗斯霍曼理工学院

2023年亚洲营地点 : 菲律宾国立大学

2023年训练营费用 : $ 6000


申请开放日期 : 2023年1月5日

申请截止日期 : 2023年3月31日


     1. 登陆,查看申请所需材料。

     2. 点击 网址进行注册。

     3. 网上递交以下材料:

         Background 个人信息

         Parent Information 家长信息

         Personal Statement 个人陈述

         Short Essays 小文书

         Solutions 申请题

         Transcript 成绩单

         Recommendation 推荐信

         Attachments 附加材料,如简历等



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