Ross Program / Asia ( ) is an intensive summer experience designed to encourage talented pre-college students to explore abstract mathematical ideas. It is a newly established branch of the well-known RossMathematics Program ( at the Ohio State . Classes will run in Jiangsu for five weeks:

 July 5th to August 7th, 2020.

Ross participants are immersed in a powerful mathematics experience.  The process of spending several weeks focusing all your energies on one narrow subject is unlike anything in standard high schools, or colleges. This “math camp” will employ the same materials and teaching philosophy used in the Ohio State Program. The basic class in Number Theory will be led by Prof. Daniel Shapiro, Director of the Ross Program.

All classes will be held in English.

To truly concentrate on abstract ideas and stay focused on concepts, students are asked NOT to bring computers, laptops, electronic tablets, video players, gaming consoles, or other distractions.

Counselors will supervise students in all mathematical and social aspects of the Ross Program/Asia.  Each counselor is an undergraduate math major or mathematics graduate student attending a research university.  Counselors will live next to the students in the residence houses, and will be available to discuss the assigned problem sets and general mathematical ideas (and about life in college).

Eligibility:The Ross Program is designed forstudents who are 15 to 18 years old.   Successful applicants have strong backgrounds in school math, excellent mathematical talents, and deep interests in exploring abstract mathematical ideas.

Cost: The fee to attend the 2020 Ross Program in Asia is 35,000 RMB .  This fee covers all costs of tuition, food, and accommodations for the five weeks of the Program .

Scholarships and Financial Aid: Thanks to the generosity of Renascentia Hall International and other sponsors, a small amount of aid is available to students with financial need. An applicant accepted to the Program may apply for financial aid by sending a message to the Ross Program / Asia. 

Organization of Ross Program / Asia:

This new venture was created through a partnership between the Ross Mathematics Program ( at the Ohio State , and Renascentia Hall International (, a private company based in Delaware and Nanjing. 

[Note: Renascentia Hall will not influence Ross Program admissions or curriculum.]

Organizing Committee:

Prof. Daniel Shapiro – Director, Ross Math Program, Ohio State University, USA

Prof. James Fowler – Ohio State University, USA

Dr. Jerry Xiao – Director, Renascentia Hall International, Newark, DE, USA

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